Friday, March 9, 2012

These Games Have Been My Heroin

Lately I have been playing a lot of games online. Most of them are the games you see on Facebook others on different websites or apps on phones or devices such as an IPod touch or a Nook. It all started when I played this game created by adult swim called Hemp Tycoon (Yes you grow and sell weed). Originally I only played the game on adult swim's website but I saw on the website that they had a version of it on Facebook. I tried that out and after awhile got bored of it and saw a bunch of these game show related games on there such as Family Feud, Press Your Luck,etc. Another game I've been highly addicted to is a 8 Ball Pool Multiplayer on miniclip. You can either play a friend on there or play in three different types of tournaments. I never realized so many games on the internet can be so addictive. Some other games I have been playing a lot lately are Angry Birds and the most recent game that you can become obsessed with it Temple Run. I have been a gamer all my life and I am always interested in trying a new game whether it be on the internet or an ipod touch.

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