Wednesday, April 18, 2012


At first Moneyball was one of those movies where you wondered if you should go see the movie when it comes out in theaters or wait for it to be on DVD. It was kind of like that but I was just too lazy to spend $11 to go see the movie. The film is based off a book written by Michael Lewis who also wrote The Blind Side which was adapted into a movie in 2009. Moneyball is takes place during the 2002 season of the Oakland Athletics and how Billy Beane (Brad Pitt) the general manager attempts to rebuild the team after two of their biggest players sign with another team. Beane and assistant GM Peter Brand (Jonah Hill) faced with the franchise's unfavorable financial situation and get players that no other team would sign due to age, an injury. etc. It also includes how they won 20 consecutive games (an American League Record) while trying to make it into the postseason. Some of the players including pitcher Chad Bradford, and former catcher Scott Hatteberg. I am not going to ruin it all I am going to say is that when they get their 20th consecutive win is my favorite scene. To find out why go see the movie. When I saw the trailer of the movie I thought it was just going to be another typical baseball movie. But it wasn't because the events in this movie actually happened in real life.The actors in the movie include, Brad Pitt, Jonah Hill, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, and many others. Out of all of those movies Moneyball was the greatest in my opinion. If you haven't seen this movie yet I recommend you buy, rent, or download it. Part of why it was so good is that the casting was really good.


  1. Hmm I still have yet to watch it, but I just can't find the time :(

  2. never seen it but ill def have to watch it