Thursday, March 29, 2012


If you don't get the reference of the my title to this blog then you should look it up. What I just referenced is from an awesome tv show It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. This is my favorite tv show not because I'm from Philadelphia, because it is a very funny show in my opinion. The show is about these five people: Dee, Dennis, Mac, Charlie, and Frank. They run a bar that doesn't  get a lot of business called Paddy's Pub. That is not the main plot of the show. They usually find schemes to make a lot of money or make some plan up that they think will be perfect and it usually doesn't work out and the end. The episode that I am referencing in the title is called the Nightman Cometh. Where one of the characters Charlie creates a play about a character he made up while trying to make up a song. I really want you to look it up if you have not seen it before. Despite this high sense of self worth, "the Gang" often have little sense of shame when attempting to get what they want and will often engage in activities which others would find humiliating, or disgusting, such as smoking  in crack in order to qualify for welfare, seducing a priest, or hiding naked inside a leather couch in order to spy on someone. My picture for my blog is even the character Charlie. It is a really great show and highly recommend you watch it if you have never seen it before.