Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Learning to Play Guitar

Recently I have been interested in learning how to play guitar. I have always been interested in the guitar but I really haven't been so determined to learn how to play. A lot of my friends play the guitar and I thought how pretty cool it is to know how to play such an amazing instrument. There are a lot of songs that I love so much that I want to learn it how to play them. I have an acoustic guitar that my brother gave to me, now I just need to know how to play. Once I learn the different notes of the guitar and how to play them, the first song I want to learn how to play is the theme from the show King of the Hill if you do not know what I am talking about Ill post a link at the bottom of this blog. I want to be different when it comes to learning your first song on the guitar I have realized that the first song people are taught is smoke on the water by deep purple. If anyone knows of any website I could get stuff about learning how to play guitar post the links below in the comments it would be much appreciated.

King of the Hill Theme: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W0-IpoyEHkE


  1. Welcome to the world of guitar! Looking for a learning material may vary depending on what do you want to play, but I think that the most universal is justinguitar.com
    Dude knows his shit, makes brilliant, easy to understand lessons and has a heart of gold.

  2. thanks man ill check it out.

  3. haha well i already have a guitar and I'm more interested in guitar than drums haha

  4. I was interested in guitars for a bit but unfortunately I lost the time to fully develop that hobby. Followed!

  5. I wish you luck on the learning process, and remember that the most important thing is practising and never giving up.

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    1. yea same with me. i was even making good progress but then resorted to gaming instead -.-